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Wouldn't you rather be doing what you LOVE...
like smoking your favorite meats?
The El Toro Bravo™ Smoker... BBQ for REAL MEN.

Technology that's NO BULL

El Toro Bravo

When people ask me what possessed me to build a smoker that looks like a bull, I like to tell them that I heard a voice, a voice that said…

“Build a vessel – build it 5 cubits long and 3 cubits high – fill it with animals of all kinds – but mainly beef and pork”

Actually I came up with the idea several years ago while building a smoker using the traditional off-set firebox design. While building that smoker, I noticed it had a vague resemblance to a charging bull (with the off-set firebox being the head and the long cooking chamber being the body). The problem was, at the time I didn’t have the skills needed to build anything more than the basic smoker (with round cylinders for the firebox and cooking chamber and pipes welded on for the legs). Crude but effective.

El Boaro Bravo

While building El Toro Bravo, I spent a great deal of time and effort to create something  aesthetically pleasing and in doing so, I realized all the parts were there to design a smoker that overcame the flaws of the off-set firebox design by implementing  forced air induction (rather than natural draft air flow).

  • Forced air induction allows the heat to be moved out of the firebox (located in the chest).
  • Forced air induction allows the heat to be moved into a chamber directly below the cooking chamber (in the belly of the beast).
  • Forced air induction results in precise, even heat distribution from side to side (when the temperature is 225° at the head, it’s 225° at the butt).
  • There is also a series of baffles that holds the heat there longer making more efficient use of all fuel.


Full-functioning Smoker

Are you constantly battling with your old smoker?

  • The uneven cooking
  • The Poor airflow
  • The inconsistent temperatures
  • The endless adjustments
Well your battle is over.

Professionals, semi-professionals and elite amateur smokers agree…


The El Toro Bravo™ Smoker just makes meat taste better.

Smoking Meets Art!

Not only does the The El Toro Bravo™ Smoker look good and work good, it’s also fun to use. Here are a few built-in accessories:

  • There is also a manual air pump located in the rump which is actuated by pumping the tail.
  • Blow smoke rings out of the nostrils by pumping the tail a few times.
  • Caster wheels on the rear hooves, just grab the horns and lift up.
  • Those things hanging between the rear legs that kinda look like testicles, well that’s really just an ash dump. Just grab ’em from behind and pull. They slide out from between the legs and can then be dumped out and re-attached (just hope nobody’s lookin’).

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